Complaint about the City Planning Decision Withdrawn

Kotkan Kantasataman Kehity OY and ESS Warehouse OY today have agreed on cooperation concerning the Kotka Old Port project being developed by the first company.

ESS Warehouse last year filed a complaint about the city planning decision which enables the Old Port project to go ahead. This complaint was withdrawn and cancelled today.

Cameron Sawyer, director of KKK OY said: “We’ve had a productive negotiation with Mr. Sterling and have resolved everything. We have achieved a solution which is beneficial to all sides and, especially, to the citizens of Kotka, who are waiting eagerly for this project and the working places and economic boost which the project will bring to the economy of the City.”

Tommy Holmström of Multicann Finland Oy, counsel to ESS Warehouse, said: “I am pleased with the joint efforts by the parties involved and with the agreement which has been reached with KKK OY and our client is looking forward to future cooperation with KKK. It has been a challenging joint effort to sort out various misunderstandings and alike and both I and our client feel that the agreement is truly beneficial for the citizens of Kotka as one obstacle for the Old Port project has been removed.