Kotka - hub of investment opportunities

The international association Club of Clubs, together with Moscow Trade and Industry Chamber, the agency for regional development of Kotka-Hamina Cursor Oy, GVA Sawyer and such Finnish companies as Kotka Yacht Store, Fertilog Oy, Oy DMM Logistics Ltd and Stella Group, presented Kotka-Hamina region as a new hub of investment opportunities for Russian business and “Kotka Old Port” – the largest development project in Finland.

The International Club Association invited businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, and representatives of construction and service companies to give them an opportunity to communicate with Finnish partners without any barriers and hierarchical limits. The guests could receive useful information and guidance on opening and development of business in Finland, purchase of existing companies, logistics, warehouses capacities, and private banking in Kotka-Hamina.

Vera Setskaya, President of GVA Sawyer, talked about the company’s plans on development of the territory of an old port (Kantasatama) in Kotka, Finland, and presented the first phase of construction – construction of an Outlet Centre within the mixed-use complex. “We have a wonderful team of the world’s leading experts in the field. We hope, and not without a reason, that the project “Kotka Old Port” will become one of the most remarkable projects in the region and will be equally interesting to Finnish and Russian visitors,” noted Vera Setskaya.

The project stirred interest from the audience. Despite the late hour, the guests didn’t want to leave and went on discussing the opportunities for cooperation with each other, which was convincing evidence of the immense interest of Russians in Finland, as well as of investment attractiveness of urban development projects.