Physical Works at the Kotka Old Port Designer Outlet Village begin

International team of key developers give the final go-ahead for the construction of Finland’s first waterfront premium brand outlet site.

Appeals against the city plans have now been withdrawn. The construction work at Kotka harbor started with the removal of old railroad tracks.

On Monday 25 April the key developers of the Kotka Old Port Designer Outlet project gathered at the waterfront to raise a toast to the start of physical work at the Old Port construction site.

Cameron Sawyer, CEO of GVA Sawyer and the main developer of Kotka Old Port, summed up the thoughts of the hard-working development team: ”This is a historical moment for Kotka and a unique step towards an outlet concept that is totally new in Finland. It is much more than a collection of top international fashion outlet brands. Soon we can publish a list of hotel, restaurant, spa, cruise and other companies, that will breathe new life to the Old Port, Finland’s first premium brand outlet site on a waterfront. There are always many twists and turns in a giant project like this. But now we know that the first phase of construction will be completed at the beginning of 2018.”

Henry Lindelöf, Mayor of Kotka, is grateful for the perseverance of the developers. ”It was crucial for our project, that the developers have vast experience in bringing premium outlet concepts to Europe. This project will raise Kotka to the front row of European premium outlet cities. It will certainly make our city more appealing for visitors both from near and far.”

The new outlet centre will be located in the central seaside city of Kotka, only a few hours away from St Petersburg as well as major Finnish cities and airports. 1.2 million Finns live within a 90 minutes drive; the Greater St. Petersburg area counts for more than 5 million inhabitants and in a normal year 10.3 million crossings at the Russian border.

According to Mr Sawyer, the withdrawal of the appeals against the city plans was an important signal for the future tenants: ”We are swiftly filling in our rent books for the premium outlet shops. Now, we start physical works.”