Russian businessmen visit Kotka Old Port

Kotka Old Port was visited by the Russian real estate market players in the course of a real estate business tour in Finland organized by the operator PROEstate Events and the project developer GVA Sawyer. Over 30 representatives of the leading investment, development, construction and property management companies, as well as architects had an opportunity to get acquainted with the ongoing implementation of a large-scale integrated urban development project and to communicate with the project participants.

The business tour guests were engaged in a panel discussion involving the representatives of the City Planning Department, Cursor regional agency, the project general designer AHR and the project developer GVA Sawyer. They learned the details about the core element of the project Designer Outlet Center , which is now under intense implementation, and will be managed by the international operator of outlets Freeport.

The President of GVA Sawyer Vera Setskaya presented the project to the audience and explained the project financing scheme, the role of the master developer in the project organization and the opportunities to invest. The Director of the City Planning Department Markku Hannonen spoke about the cooperation between the city and the developer for the purpose of joint implementation of the project, about the elements of public private partnership that are now part of the project - the Technical University of Southeastern Finland and the Events Arena. Petra Cranston, representative of the Regional Development Agency of Southeastern Finland Cursor spoke about the cruise ships traffic program managed by Cursor as the means to attract tourist flows to support the multifunctional project functioning.

After the panel discussion the participants visited the site, whereby representatives of AHR and GVA Sawyer gave explanations and answered the questions about different project elements.