The ice broke up – A commercial, residential and entertainment colossus, half a billion euro worth, is to be constructed in a Finnish coastal town

Kotka Old Port is progressing, as the serious obstacle for the project has been overcome. Kotkan Kantasataman Kehitys Oy and ESS Warehouse have agreed on cooperation within Kotka Old Port project, which Kotkan Kantasataman Kehitys Oy is developing.

ESS Warehouse filed a complaint last year to the City planning authorities, preventing Kotka Old Port progress. Now the appeal has been withdrawn and canceled.

“We had constructive negotiations with Samuel Sterling, ESS Warehouse Managing Director, and we have resolved all the issues between us. We have reached a solution that is beneficial to all parties, especially to the inhabitants of Kotka, who are eagerly waiting for the project because it will bring jobs and economic strength to the city,” says the City Port of Kotka development director Cameron Sawyer.

"I am pleased with the collaborative efforts of the parties and the fact that Kotkan Kantasataman Kehitys Oy and our customer has finally come to an agreement. It has been challenging to settle various misunderstandings and find mutually beneficial solutions. Also I am really happy that there are no obstacles now for Kotka Old Port project because I believe that it may become truly beneficial to the inhabitants of Kotka," says Tommy Holmström from Multicann Finland Oy, EES Warehouse agent .

This half a billion-worth project includes an outlet, hotels, a movie theater and residential elements. Last July Kotka City Council unanimously approved amendments to the city plan, a detailed zoning plan and other required materials.

The City’s contractual partner Kotkan Kantasataman Kehitys is a registered development company, founded by Cameron Sawyer, an American entrepreneur, founder of a real estate development company in Russia, and Gerald Parkes, a British real estate investment expert. The second contract party is Parkes’ Kotkan Kantasataman Outlet.

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